Microsoft CRM/XRM

Now a days the first step of growing any business wastly with cheap and best must go for online with a website. Then your business will start incresing the marketing and all the benifits in short time. You can reach your customers with your full information and updates immediately any time in the world. You can improve your services by knowing your customer needs by your website without delay.

Ioora expertised team will help you in getting your web site which meets your business needs with a high quality and reiable which meets the trends ontime to improve your business with a dedicated manner. We not only deliver your project, we also facilitates our services and support with same energy even after completion of your web site development on a commited manner to maintain long relationship.

As part of development Ioora follows the the perfect and suitable Software Development Life cycle as per client needs. Ioora maintains dedicated point of contact to the client. So that the claient can interact with the dedicated team for any kind of needs to get the desired product without delay and also useful for change requests in agile manner as per the commited basis to the project.

Process Expertise:- Ioora always follows the latest trend along with traditional Process in IT industry which fulfills our client needs in a perfect manner to achieve a quality and reliable outcome with high satisfactory.

Our expertise manifests in our ability to achieve perfection in every phase of project process, from the initial conception stage through product completion, to customer support, consistently.

Our in-depth process expertise is complemented by our project management capabilities, the synergy of which enables us to define higher performance standards. Our Project Management team comprises experts who have been creating value more than 10 years by implementing their skills, and knowledge in diverse tools and technologies, in project management, across a broad range of industries. Our expertise in project management is a distinguishing standard that empowers us to meet client objectives consistently.

Technical Expertise:- Ioora believes that Client satisfactory is the minimum goal and engage with our clients by providing unexpected benefits to maintain long relationship. As such we leverage on our multi-disciplinary expertise to provide end-to-end solutions for our clients. Our Technical team comprises Software Developers proficient in :

• Application Design and Development
• Custom Software Design & Development
• Product Design and Development
• Database Design and Development
• System and Application Integration
• System and Application Architect
• Data Modeling / Data Warehousing
• Enterprise Systems
• Infrastructure Support and Services
• System Administration
• Networking and Network related Services
• All Server Support and Services
• System and Data Security
• IT Software Consulting / Staffing
• Software Support
• Project Study / Solution / Implementation
• Business Processes and Business Intelligent
• QA / Testing
• Technical Support
• Software Training / Corporate Training

Training Features


Your Learning Manager Gets in Touch with You


Live Interactive Online Session with Your Instructor


We have 24x7 online support team to resolve all your technical queries.


Each class will be followed by practical assignments.